Awards and Recognition




Columbian Award 1971-1972




Columbian-Award-1978-1979  Columbian Award 1978-1979

Columbian-Award-1979-1980  Columbian Award 1979-1980

Columbian-Award-1980-1981  Columbian Award 1980-1981

Columbian-Award--1984-1985  Columbian Award

Columbian-Award-1989-1990  Columbian Award 1989-1990

Columbian-Award-1991-1992   Columbian Award 1991-1992

Columbian-Award-1996-1997   Columbian Award 1996-1997

Columbian-Award-1997-1998   Columbian Award 1997-1998

Columbian-Award-1999-2000   Columbian Award 1999-2000

Columbian-Award-2009-2010   Columbian Award 2009-2010

Columbia-Squires-Plaque-2005   Columbian Squires Award 2004-2005

Crusaders-Award-1978-1979   Crusaders Award 1978-1979

Crusaders-Award-1979-1980   Crusaders Award 1979-1980

Crusaders-Award-1980-1981  Crusaders Award 1980-1981

Distinguished-Service-Award-1983-1985  Distinguished Service Award 1983-1985

Father-McGivney-Award-1978-1979   Father McGivney Award 1978-1979

Father-McGivney-Award-1983-1984   Father McGivney Award 1983-1984

Food-for-Families-Plaque   Food for Families Award 2012-2013

Football-Trophy  Football Trophy

Founders-Award-1995-1996Father McGivney Founders’ Award 1995-1996

Founders-Award-2006-2007   Founders’ Award Insurance 2006-2007

Framed-Gibault-Picture-Award   Gibault Recognition Plaque




Gibault 100th Anniversary Congratulation 2000




Gibault-Appreciation-Plaque-2004  Gibault Recognition Plaque 2004

Gibault-Thank-You-Card  Thank You Card from Gibault

Golfing-Trophy-1973  Golfing Trophy 1973

Golfing-Trophy-1980  Golfing Trophy 1980

Golfing-Trophy-1990  Golfing Trophy 1990

Golf-Outing-Plaque   Annual Golf Outing Plaque

Hundredth-Anniversary-Certificate   100th Anniversary Certificate

Indiana-State-Police-Appreciation-Plaque  Indiana State Police Recognition Plaque




Insurance Membership Growth Award 1996-1996




Jaycees-Plaque-1982   Jaycees Plaque 1982



Making a Difference for Kids Recognition Plaque for David & Linda Gorrell



McGivney---Columbian-Award-1998-1999   Father McGivney Award 1998-1999

McGivney---Founders-Award-2005-2006   Father McGivney Award 2005-2006

Nina Award 1994-1995   Nina Award 1994-1995

Nina-Award-1990-1991   Nina Award 1990-1991

Nina-Award-1991-1992   Nina Award 1991-1992




Outstanding Council Award 1968-1969

Pinta-Award-1995-1996   Pinta Award 1995-1996

Santa-Maria-Award-1996-1997   Santa Maria Award 1996-1997

Santa-Maria-Award-1999-2000   Santa Maria Award 1999-2000

Santa-Maria-Award-2002-2003  Santa Maria Award 2002-2003

Santa-Maria-Award-2003-2004   Santa Maria Award 2003-2004

Santa-Maria-Award-2004-2005   Santa Maria Award 2004-2005

Santa-Maria-Award-2005-2006   Santa Maria Award 2005-2006

Santa-Maria-Award-2006-2007  Santa Maria Award 2006-2007




Scottish Rite Recognition Plaque on 100th Anniversary of Knights of Columbus




Slalom-Race-Trophy   Slalom Canoe Race Trophy

Speaking-Content-Trophy-1975  Speaking Content Trophy 1975

Star Council Certificate 1970-1971   Star Council Certificate 1970-1971

Vocations-Award-2011  Vocations Award 2011

Century-Club-Award-1971-1972  Century Club Award 1971-1972

Attendance-Award-1954   Attendance Award 1954

Baseball-Trophy   Baseball Trophy

Bowling-Prize-2006   Bowling Tournament Plaque 2006

Bowling-Trophy  Bowling Trophy

Bowling-Trophy-1974-1975  Bowling Trophy 1974-1975

Bowling-Trophy-National-Champion-1935  Bowling Trophy National Championship 1935

Certificate of Appreciation Support Our Seminarians 2010



Support of our Seminarians Certificate of Appreciation 2010


Gibault Certificate of Appreciation 2007  Gibault Services Certificate 2007

We Care Award 2007  We Care Award 2007

Framed-Gibault-Picture-Award  Gibault Thank You Plaque




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