Recent Events

Congratulations to our newest 3rd Degree Knights –
Jason Copper and Daniel Brenton who went through
the ceremony in Rensselaer on September 23rd.

The Knights of Columbus showed up in full force at
O dark 30 to help with the St. Margaret Mary annual

We were excited to welcome the following gentlemen into our council during a 1st Degree Initiation Ceremony on August 20, 2018.

     Todd Boland

      Tim Robson

     Mike Sternal

      Mike Cramer

     Joel Robson

     Jim Patterson

    Jacob Ridgway

    Charles Kindrick

Knight Marty Storey, along with Ken Nordmeyer, Bob
Flott and Bret Ridgway picked up barrels for the
Catholic Charities Sock and Underwear Drive.

Knights Kevin Murphy, David Gorrell, Jason Cooper,
Marty Storey, George Knezevich, Bret Ridgway and
Terrell Butler turned out to help with the United Way
Day of Action service project at St. Mary of the Woods

Knights Bob Flott and Scott Rhodes load barrels to help with the
Catholic Charities Christmas Store Sock & Underwear Drive

Knights Bob Flott and Bret Ridgway were pleased to present Bob Rogers of the Loyal Veterans Battalion with 33 sleeping bags that will be given to the homeless in the Terre Haute area. Also pictured is Theresa Selcke of Walmart, who provided the bags at a discount for us.

Bob Flott and Bob Rogers of the Loyal Veterans Battalion load the sleeping bags that were donated by the Knights of Columbus to be distributed to the homeless in our area.

The Knights of Columbus Council #541 and the Loyal Veterans Battalion joined together on the sleeping bag donation to our homeless citizens.

Knights Paul Conches, Bret Ridgway, Terrell Butler and David Gorrell enjoyed the
festivities at the Crisis Pregnancy Center annual fundraising dinner.

The Knights of Columbus was proud to host a table for the 2018 Crisis
Pregnancy Center fundraising dinner.

Sir Knights George Knezevich, Sean Cramer, Ed Burt, Mike Brown, David Gorrell
and Bret Ridgway provided an honor guard for the April 8th Divine Mercy Sunday
Eucharistic Procession for Annunciation Parish in Brazil.

The St. Joseph University Parish choir provided the entertainment for the
Warrior to Lourdes fundraiser which raised enough funds to send a Wounded
Warrior and their caregiver to Lourdes.

2nd Annual Warrior to Lourdes Fundraiser will be held Saturday, April 7th at the Valley Grill.

Bret Ridgway presents Anna McDaniel, Business Manager of St. Joseph University Parish with a $1000 donation as the first official contribution to the parishes upcoming Capital Campaign.

Sir Knights from left to right, Tom Born, Ron Fouts, Sean Cramer, Mike Brown, David Gorrell, Bret Ridgway, Ken Nordmeyer, Ryan Loftus and Jerry Wagner provided the Color Guard for the 2018 St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Congratulations to our newest Sir Knights –
Bob Flott and Mark Monahan, who became
4th Degree Members February 3rd, 2018.

Knights Bret Ridgway, George Knezevich and Tony Peterson with the winner of the Gibault 3-Point Shooting Contest.

Some holiday shopping for the children at Gibault was handled by Mike Brown, David and Linda Gorrell, Terrell Butler and Bret Ridgway.

Grand Knight Bret Ridgway (back row on right) was among the award recipients for the Knights of Columbus Christmas in the Park display.

Members of the 4th Degree and their guests enjoyed a nice dinner at Logan’s Ribeye.

Below are various shots, daytime and night time, of the Christmas in the Park Display

Knights Ryan Loftus and Kevin Murphy pitched in with the pickup of food barrels for the Catholic Charities’ “Share Your Thanksgiving” Food Drive.

Knight Kevin Murphy wheels out another barrel of food for the Catholic Charities’ “Share Your Thanksgiving” Food Drive.

Knights Kevin Murphy, Bob Flott and Marty Storey spent a full day November 16th, 2017 helping pick up food for the Catholic Charities “Share Your Thanksgiving” Food Drive.

Knights Bret Ridgway and Mark Monahan prepare lunch for the
St. Joseph University Parish students on their Awakenings Retreat
November 4th, 2017.

Sir Knights (from left to right) Sean Cramer, Tom Born,
David Gorrell, Mike Brown, David Winters, Bret Ridgway
and Gaylon Smith helped with the Mass of Remembrance
at St. Benedict on November 2nd, 2017.

It’s Thanksgiving barrel time again for Catholic Charities, and the Knights helped place all collection barrels the week of October 16th, 2017

We held our 2nd annual Youth Soccer Challenge on September 17th, 2017

TH K of C 541 Knight Chad Roach and Passenger Cruising By During the Ride for Ryves

Some of the kids and other from Ryves Youth Center Showed Up to Lend Their Support

Another Rider Supporting the Kids at Ryves

Riding for Ryves on a Beautiful Saturday Afternoon

Heading on Down the Road in Support of Ryves

Members of the 4th Degree Assembly #252 participated in the Annunciation Parish in Brazil Eucharistic Procession on Saturday, August 26th, 2017

Father John Hollowell from Annunciation Parish in Brazil delivers his first homily in their newly renovated parish.

Knight Jack Penry help with some landscaping for the CANDLES Holocaust Museum during the United Way Day of Action July 14, 2017

The Knights helped with weeding and other landscaping for the CANDLES Holocaust Museum

CANDLES Holocaust Museum Day of Action July 14, 2017

The K of C Crew at CANDLES (left to right) – Dave Grabowski, Cami Loftus, Museum founder Eva Kor, Ryan Loftus, Andrew Loftus and Jack Penry

Cami and Andrew Loftus helped get some flowerpots in orders at CANDLES Museum. Thank you Cami and Andrew.

Yes, Bret does carpets at St. Benedict during the July 14, 2017 United Way Day of Action

Ashley Grant helps the Knights during the St. Benedict cleaning during the United Way Day of Action. Thank you Ashley.

St. Mother Theordore Guerin Council #541 Member George Knezevich
Referees Some Volleyball During the Special Olympics in June.

George Knezevich Checks the Scoreboard as He
Referees Some Volleyball During the Special Olympics in June.

Rob Sturm and Krista Holt from Gibault Children’s Services joined Knights David Gorrell (pictured), Terrell Butler and Bret Ridgway in selecting 201 videos to stock their new movie theater.

The Knights step up for a family in need. Earlier this year Council #541 funded a medical device that will help a young man learn to walk. The device was not covered by insurance so our council purchased the device for the family. Above, 2 year old Caleb takes his first stroll with his mother Laura. Below, Knights Terrell Butler, Mike Brown and David Gorrell surprised the family with the gift, and below that the entire Fussner family.

The Fussner Family

At the recent K of C State Convention our Council #541 received just one of twelve 5 Star Council Awards from Gibault.

Walt Anslinger tees it up for the Council #541 Golf Team for the 2017 Gibault Knights of Columbus Scramble

George Meiners pulls another one from the cup as Walt Anslinger and David Gorrell watch on at the 2017 Gibault Knights of Columbus Golf Scramble.

David Gorrell tees is up at the Gibault K of C Golf Scramble.

Council #541 Golf Scramble Team for the 2017 Gibault Knights of Columbus Scramble. From left to right David Gorrell, Bret Ridgway, Walt Anslinger and George Meiners

Sir Knights Terrell Butler, Ken Nordmeyer, Bret Ridgway, Mike Brown and David Winters Provided a Color Guard for the April 28, 2017 Confirmation at St. Joseph University Parish

Challenge Coin Plaque awarded to Council #541 for support of Gibault Children’s Services

Banks of the Wabash Chorus Performs at the Warriors to Lourdes Fundraiser 2017

Fr. Ron Ashmore Leads Us in Prayer

The Folks from First Financial Bank Enjoying the Luncheon

St. Joseph University Parish Choir Performs at the Warriors to Lourdes Fundraiser 2017

Fr. Ron Ashmore Delivers His Keynote Presentation About Lourdes at the Warriors to Lourdes Fundraiser 2017

Banks of the Wabash Chorus Enjoys the Luncheon at the Warriors to Lourdes Fundraiser 2017

Knights Sean Cramer, Mike Brown, and Phil Brown and His Wife Enjoy the Luncheon

Knights Mark Monahan and Ron Fouts Enjoy the Luncheon Along with Other Guests

Head Table of Luncheon (From L to R) Chuck Mitchell, Laura Mitchell, Ken Nordmeyer, Karen Ridgway, Ryan Loftus, and Dr. Marsha Bialaszewski

Warriors to Lourdes Fundraiser Emcee Dr. Dennis Bialaszewski

Table Sponsor First Financial Bank (Front Table) and St. Joseph University Parish Choir Enjoy the Luncheon

Knight Mark Monahan and His Family Enjoy the Luncheon

Warriors to Lourdes Fundraiser Table Setup for the Event

Official Event Banner for the 1st Annual Knights of Columbus Warriors to Lourdes Benefit Fundraiser

The Silent Auction is Ready to Go for the Warriors to Lourdes Luncheon Benefit 2017

Knight Vince Pfister is Presented a Plaque and Challenge Coin by Patty Steigelbauer of Gibault

4th Degree Knights Bret Ridgway, Ken Nordmeyer and Ron Fouts Represented the Knights of Columbus at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade – March 11th, 2017.

Knights Tony Peterson and Mark Monahan Prep Bread at the Catholic Charities Soup Bowl Benefit February 11, 2017

The Knights Showed Up in Full Force to Help with Table Setup at the Catholic Charities Soup Bowl Benefit

Winners 2017 Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest

Gibault Christmas Party 2016 Knights & Family